The graphics team has two main jobs: 1) Do the CAD work for the team, and 2) get photos/videos for the Design Report, Social Media, and Marketing/Recruiting.

Basically, your job is to make sure the team looks good, and that the manufacturing team knows what’s going on. You’ll need to work with the other sub-team, not for the other sub-teams.

For the proposal, you’ll want to have a full CAD design of the concepts and a rendering of the full aircraft. The detailed measurements don’t need to be there, it just needs to look good.

By the end of the preliminary design, you’ll want to have some nice parametric CAD models for all the components in the assmebly so that you can make some little changes as necessary during the final detailed design process.

If all goes well, you should have the final CAD drawings package done well before the Design Report is due.